New Lot: Dorsey Residence

Part of my 100 follower’s gift for tumblr!

Dorsey Residence


40×40 3Bd, 3Ba Lot. It has a nursery and playroom for the kiddies and a hot tub and pool for the adults.

This lot contains CC which will be listed below. Please note only the CC I determined as NECESSARY to keep the look of the house ( walls, floors, stairs, cabinets) is included in the package file. I wanted to include as little CC as possible.

Please also note that as with my other lots, some of the images have been staged with CC items. These will not be included in the download but if you would like them, drop me a message titled WCIF or ask in the comments and I will try to provide a link for you.

I hope you enjoy it and a special shout out to all my lovely followers on tumblr. Thanks for making my first few months there an enjoyable experience!

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TOU: Do not claim as your own or re upload. If used in pictures/videos please credit me





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