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Tomb Raiders!

The Bunches

After a long car ride in the old jaloppy they arrive at the old Celtic Ruins.

Ethan began immediately digging around in the dirt searching for the entrance. Autmun, was still trying to figure out how she got dragged into this.

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On to Adventure!

So when we last left our honeymooners, Ethan was off in search of adventure!


He saw an urgent ad for an adventurer from a local guy named Jean Luc Beaumont. Surely with a name like Jean Luc Beaumont he must be an important man in town and this must be a very important adventure!

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Of Blogs and Bunches

Meet Ethan and Autumn Bunch

If you haven’t guessed already I am currently playing the Bunches from Sunset Valley… well actually right now I’m playing the eldest Ethan, and while he’s not much to look at he’s got a good personality which helped him to score the lovely pizza delivery girl, Autumn Cussak.

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