Beware of the Exchange Police all you Sickos

All this false outrage is so nauseating…

I’ve already said my piece on that thread so this is just a therapeutic rant for me.

Sorry but I don’t think anyone gets the right to call people sickos and imply they are pedophiles ‘cus they don’t like  someone’s else’s creations.

Critique is one thing, calling them sick and shameful is another. There is a difference between critique and just being mean spirited and hurtful especially since a link to the creations was given. How do you think that person now feels having been called sick in the head? We are not the exchange police. I agreed that the sims were kind of creepy and not my  style, that is a critique. Saying things like only a pedophile would like this or this person is shameful blah blah you have moved away from critiquing the work and attacking the person and THAT’S NOT RIGHT!

There are bigger things going on in the world so why get so upset over someone slapping some make up and a skirt on sim. Yeah some of the responses truly baffled me. In my mind I’m like how can you possibly make such a huge deal about this with everything that is going on around us. Like trust me there are FAR FAR sicker people in the world to be worried about so if this get’s someone’s knickers in a bunch I’m truly sorry for them.

People assume the creator is a teenager or and adult but it could very well be someone very young who is simply emulating what they see now a days on TV. No one no one should have their creations be paraded about and abused like that be it a child, teenager or an adult. You don’t like it say so and move on no need to call someone’s character into question over a video game.


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  1. Anon

    I defiantly agree! When I was younger I put a child Sim on the exchange with makeup and a crop top not because I was a pedophile but because I wanted to wear makeup myself and was making a “dream me” Now I wouldn’t put a child Sim on the exchange like that but I know I would have been pretty upset seeing comments about how I was a pedophile when I uploaded her.

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