Hi my name is Nonya and I’m addicted to the sims3 but if you are reading this right now I assume you may be too so I’m in good company!  I have been playing sims since sims2 but I had no idea about the sims community until a year after playing sims3. Boy was I missing out! There is so much to do! My favorite things to do are reading sims stories and modeling but honestly I like to dabble in a little bit of everything  (I was even involved in a sims magazine for awhile!)

My blog got it’s name from my username over on the officials which is nonyabizznazz (yea real clever) See at the time I couldn’t think of a really cool name so I figured I’d just put something random like none of your business and since I was feeling especially ridiculous that day abbreviated it to nonyabizznazz. Imagine my shock and horror to find out oh wait you can’t change your username. So for better or worse that was my name and I decided to make the best of it!

Peeka is the name I wish I had used so addressing me by either is totally fine as I’ve actually grown fond of Nonya. I use Peeka more for my creative side and Nonya seems to encompass all aspects of my simmin life

In this blog you can expect to find a little bit of everything as I jump around and find things that interest me, so it will be hodgepodge or medley of things I find interesting. I will also try to provide things for you to donwload if you fancy them and hey maybe even take a stab at making my own custom content in the future. If you have read this far down I applaud you! I do tend to be a rambler. I hope you enjoy your stay here! If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me.

To connect with me on the officials  here is a link to my MyPage Nonyabizznazz Please feel free to add me as a friend.

You may also find me over at Unbound, username Peeka!

That’s it for now thanks for checking me out and as always Keep Calm and Sim On!

Happy Simmin!


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